Xsimple is dedicated to assisting clients in the following industries:

With its extensive association experience, Xsimple can help your organization leverage technology to improve board management and improve member communication. Non-profit organizations are increasingly realizing that they must utilize the internet to attract and retain members. Members now expect to interact with their association via the web and will become frustrated to the extent that they cannot.

Xsimple can help your institution leverage technology to keep students, teachers, faculty, parents and interested visitors stay abreast of the information that impacts their learning, their teaching, their family, and their community. In the field of education, up-to-date information and interactive web features are critical in the day-to-day workings of the district, college, school, or university.

Xsimple can help your agency leverage technology to work more efficiently and better serve citizens. Increasingly, citizens are expecting 24-hour access to government. Learn More.

Professional Firms
Xsimple understands professional firms, such as law and medical, and the importance of serving clients. Whether it is large or small, Xsimple can help your firm present a professional image and provide solutions that highlight your dedication to serving your clients.

Race and Event Registration
Xsimple is currently managing race and event registration for events in several states including Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.